You can buy almost anything online, but should you be buying jewelry online? Purchasing things online can feel risky, especially when purchasing something sentimental and expensive. However, there’s generally a bigger selection online with more competitive pricing compared to traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. Purchasing jewelry is not a small decision and you should always feel confident in your purchase!

What You Need to Know When Buying Jewelry Online

Research Who You Are Buying it From

Once you’ve found a piece of jewelry online you’d like to buy, research the business selling it. Check out their online reviews, social media pages, and ensure the links included in those sources match the website you’re purchasing from. Make sure you know exactly what you’re buying by reading the details on the jewelry listing. A good seller wants you to love what you’re buying and will honestly answer any question you have about the item and its condition.

Understand the Policies

Make sure you’ve researched the shop’s shipping and return policies. For expensive items, it’s important the shipping is insured for the value of your item in case anything goes wrong. It’s also important that you understand the return policy. A shop might offer returns for most items, but exclude items like new or never worn pieces. A good shop will have easily accessible and thorough information about both policies.

Understand the Warranty

Check if the jewelry comes with a warranty from the seller or manufacturer. These warranties should cover any defects or loose stones for a minimum of a year. If this isn’t offered, you may have to pay for any repairs that were out of your control.

Appraisals and Certificates

A valuation or appraisal of the item is included by the seller and documents the value of your item. If the piece contains gemstones, the appraisal should include information about the attributes of the stone such as color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. This document is essential when insuring your jewelry or if you need to provide proof of ownership.

Sizing and Availability

When ring shopping, understanding your size is essential. First, check what sizing is used in the jewelry listing. Sellers measure rings in a variety of of ways such as US sizing, European sizing, inches, millimeters, and more. Make sure you understand the exact units of measurement of the listing before you buy!

Not sure what your size is? Stop by a local jewel and ask them to size your finger. If you’re visiting or local to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, feel free to stop by one of our locations to find out your size!

An Online Jewelry Store You Can Trust

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