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Our signature skinny original is simple sophistication that layers beautifully in multiples.  Worn alone, the bezel setting with faceted gemstone is dainty and lightweight.  The stia “hook” design appears seamless around the wrist.  Available in all birthstones.

• Precious .925 STERLING SILVER with anti-tarnish plating
• Size: 2.25″ diameter, 7″ circumference
• Bezel setting with faceted gemstone
• Stia seamless “hook” design for opening and closing

Birthstones & Beyond

Stones and their meanings simplified!

GARNET – January, vitality, loyalty, protection

AMETHYST – February, sincerity, balance, peace

AQUA CHALCEDONY (Aquamarine) – March, courage, inner peace

CLEAR QUARTZ (Diamond) – April, bonding love, longevity

GREEN ONYX (Emerald) – May, happiness, prosperity, protection

PEARL – June, friendship

RUBY – July, passion, energy

PERIDOT – August, compassion, healing, harmony

SAPPHIRE – September, intuition, creative expression

PINK TOURMALINE – October, imagination, creativity

CITRINE – November, centering, grounding

AQUA QUARTZ (Zircon) – December, order, peace, expression




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