When you’re looking to convey a message or show appreciation to someone you care about, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry. From unique and flexible designs to ethically sourced materials, there are a lot of reasons to choose handmade jewelry over mass-produced pieces.

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Handmade Jewelry is just that, jewelry made by hand. This means the makers will saw, solder, carve and shape the piece by hand as opposed to using machinery for mass production. Jewelry Makers also tend to source materials that have the lowest impact on our environment.

One of a Kind

It’s more than just the design of a piece that makes it truly unique. Every line, curve, and imperfection you find in a piece of handmade jewelry is put there with an intention. This kind of personal attention to each piece is something you just won’t find in mass-produced pieces. This makes it one of the greatest reasons to choose handmade jewelry. The maker has a very intimate connection with each piece of jewelry they create. Their process is key to the value that is delivered in each piece.

Higher Quality

Being they make pieces one at a time, makers can control the process from start to finish. They won’t let a piece leave if it doesn’t meet their quality standards. Along with makers sourcing more eco-friendly materials, they also source higher quality materials. Handmade jewelry is normally crafted with fantastic metals. It’s nearly impossible for factories to regulate what alloys are used to mass-produce their jewelry. Many times, dirty metals are blended to create costume pieces. However, hand makers source their metals from reputable suppliers.

Personalize Your Jewelry

With each piece being made by hand, jewelry makers such as Salvaged are excited to bring your story to life. This allows you to shop from a whole new perspective. Your story can be brought to life through jewelry, as opposed to trying to find a piece to fit your story. You can even repurpose some of your old jewelry to transform the look of the piece while keeping the stories attached to it. Custom hand made jewelry makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Build Your Own Custom Necklace

Locally Made Jewelry

Buying local is the best way to support your community. When you shop with a local jewelry maker, you’re not just getting a great piece of jewelry. You’re helping reduce our carbon footprint, supporting ethical companies, and helping a local business all at the same time. Along with that, you’re getting a fantastic value from a genuine one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. You’ll never see another one like it, which is a statement you just can’t have with mass-produced jewelry.

There Are So Many Reasons to Choose Handmade Jewelry

Available online or in-store, our collection of handmade jewelry has something just for you! Shop online or schedule an appointment and our experts will help you find (or create!) the perfect piece for you!